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Create Stronger Families and Benefit Communities

Homeownership has been proven to create stronger families and benefit communities by fostering stability, integrity and economic growth. Changes over the last decade in the availability of flexible lending products has created an opportunity for thousands of low-income families to own their own homes, begin to create family assets and become stakeholders in the future of their communities. Homeownership programs are increasingly an essential component of an effective community-development strategy.

Courses in Homeownership and Community Lending


Helping families address the many barriers that prevent them from owning their own home requires a system that supports them before, during, and after the home-buying process. This system includes pre- and post-purchase homebuyer education and flexible loan products that meet today's buyers' needs and creates long-term, successful homeowners and communities.

Earn a Professional Certificate

Program courses are open to all training institute participants, but in order to be eligible for the professional certificate, candidates must formally enroll in the Professional Certificate Program by submitting an enrollment form.

NeighborWorks America's training division has designed a curriculum that focuses on the implementation and development of successful homeownership programs. Participants who successfully earn a professional certificate will have gained the knowledge and tools to help more families achieve the dream of homeownership, and to use such reinvestment as part of a community development strategy.

Professional Certificates in Homeownership and Community Lending require successful completion of required and elective courses plus passing required course tests, if applicable, and the comprehensive exam at the end of all coursework within four years of application to the Professional Certificate Program. It is possible to complete all program requirements in as few as three institutes. With prior approval candidates may receive credit for relevant courses taken no more than two years prior to enrollment in the program.

Earning a Professional Certificate

Homeownership and Community Lending Certificate


Program participants have the option of taking required course tests online rather than on paper. Learn more about online testing for Professional Certificate Program courses.

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