"My new board chair and I completed the NeighborWorks Board Oversight and Governance three-day course with a clear sense of what we were doing well, a checklist of policies and practices to put in place, some goals for the year, and most importantly, a new set of tools for engaging board members."

-- Ann Houston, Executive Director
Chelsea Neighborhood Developers


Training: When, Where and How You Need It

Network and learn with peers at in-person opportunities such as the Training Institutes (see our next event at left) and place-based training events held in your community.

Learn from the convenience of your home or office with self-paced eLearning and Virtual Classroom courses.

Build skills efficiently and cost-effectively by participating in NeighborWorks eClassroom Express webinar training sessions.

Explore our course catalog and see the courses we offer in nonrpfoti leadership, affordable housing and community development. Search or view training events or specific course offeringss by visiting our Training Events Calendar.

Earn a Professional Certificate, Designation or Certification with NeighborWorks America's Professional Certification Programs.


2014 – 2015 Training Institutes
Louisville, KY • May 19-23, 2014 Orlando, FL • Aug. 18-22, 2014
Washington, DC • Dec. 8-12, 2014
Los Angeles, CA • Feb. 23–27, 2015 Kansas City, MO • May 4-8, 2015 Philadelphia, PA • Aug. 17-21, 201
5 Washington, DC • Dec. 7-11, 2015




NeighborWorks Training & Certification

Registration Now Open for the
Louisville Training Institute

Louisville, KY | May 19-23, 2014

Join us in Louisville for a week of cutting-edge learning and professional development in the areas of community development and nonprofit leadership. You'll enjoy the highest-quality skill-building, knowledge-sharing and networking, and new tools you can put to work immediately. Explore the offerings of this training institute...and be sure to check out our special Wednesday symposium, ML907 Telling a Purposeful and Powerful Story: Communicating for Maximum Impact.

More detailsRegister

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Events & Programs

Los Angeles Training Institute — This event took place February 24-28. Find out what you missed...


Kansas City Training Institute — The NTI came to Kansas City, MO December 9-13 with almost 1,800 participants. Find out more...

Philadelphia Training Institute — This event took place August 19-23. See what you missed...

Training News & Announcements

Want to get a taste of NeighborWorks training to see if it's right for you? Check out our new series of "NTI Minutes" -- one-minute videos that bring you real content in the areas of affordable housing development, nonprofit sustainability and excellence, asset management and revitalization-related place audits. Then register for our next event to access a wealth of knowledge!

Lending Track Launched — Tthe new Single-Family and Small Business Lending track focuses on the unique and critical role, and best practices, of nonprofit lending. See what we're offering at the Louisville NTI...

One-Week Certifications Now Available — Participants can earn a one-week certification in a number of specific skills related to community engagement, construction and rehab and nonprofit management. These certifications join existing homeownership and financial capability certifications offered through NCHEC.

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