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"5 Tips for Success" on getting the most out of the Financial Progress Profile, the latest CounselorMax functionality.

"The program is very user-friendly with easy access to various useful features."

"It's all there -- view reminders, print reminder letters, view my calendar for the entire month, or develop a custom report for any funder."




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We have homeownership counselors covered.  Online.

The CounselorMax® client management software is a powerful web-based tool that automates nearly every aspect of education and counseling tracking, from outreach and intake to scheduling, consumer classes, data collection and reporting. CounselorMax relieves the pressure of administrative tasks, freeing the counselor/educator to focus on the substance and quality of homeownership education and counseling programs.

CounselorMax manages intake, scheduling and tracking with minimal effort, generating accurate, customized reports for funders and staff, including the required HUD 9022 report.  It tracks default and loss mitigation activity, and then reports using NFMC standards.  CounselorMax also includes other pre- and post-purchase counseling tools and even allows you to create outreach campaigns, customized with your organization’s logo, in English and Spanish.

CounselorMax is accessible from any computer with Internet access. Training and ongoing technical assistance are available.  CounselorMax allows you to simplify and streamline your daily activities, enabling you to be more efficient and effective in serving your customers.  For more information visit

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