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Meeting a wide variety of needs of specialized practitioners.

NeighborWorks America, in the vanguard of community development, plays a valuable role in meeting the unique needs of all practitioners, including those who work with special clientele, focus on specific efforts, or serve in a variety of organizational roles.

Board-Focused Training

NeighborWorks America believes strongly in the power of effective board stewardship. We're pleased to present a wide range of training to enhance your effectiveness, and that of your fellow board members. Learn more about this specialized area of NeighborWorks training.

Designed for: Board members and executive staff who are focused on achieving and sustaining organizational success.

Community Leadership Institute

The Community Leadership Institute is an invitation-only training event that aims to strengthen the voices and skills of community, resident and volunteer leaders. Participants attend in teams from areas served by NeighborWorks Network organizations and their partners.

Designed for: Resident leaders of NeighborWorks organizations who work to enhance quality of life in their communities.

Green and Sustainability

NeighborWorks Training Institute is proud to present cutting-edge courses that promote sustainable design, green building and healthy housing. Sponsored by The Home Depot Foundation, the courses offer new solutions to old problems in affordable housing and construction and production management.

Designed for: Practitioners who want to increase their organization's efficiency and sustainability, and improve the well-being of community residents.

Neighborhood Stabilization

As part of our effort to help mitigate the effects of the foreclosure crisis,
NeighborWorks America is focusing on developing tools and training to enable local governments and nonprofit organizations to evaluate approaches and tailor responses to the increase in foreclosures and real estate owned properties (REOs).

Designed for: Pracitioners and government staff who work to create stable communities in the wake of the foreclosure and financial crises.

Foreclosure Training

NeighborWorks America provides the leading training in foreclosure counseling training. Foreclosure intervention counseling training prepares homeownership practitioners with the knowledge and skills to successfully deliver specific housing counseling assistance to delinquent and foreclosure clients.

Designed for: Homeownership educators and counselors who work to assist current and prospective homeowners.

Native American Community Development Training

Native American communities face many challenges in increasing homeownership and establishing economic development opportunities, particularly on Native lands. Recognizing the need for effective homeownership and economic development strategies, NeighborWorks Training Institute offers high-quality training opportunities tailored specifically to Native Americans and community development practitioners serving Native communities.

Designed for: Practitioners who address the unique needs of Native communities and their residents.

Spanish-Accessible Training
Courses/Cursos de capacitación accesibles en español

In order to expand the pool of qualified bilingual professionals and overcome the lack of information about the homebuying process in Spanish-speaking communities, NeighborWorks America and the NeighborWorks Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling (NCHEC) try to offer at least one Spanish bilingual training course at each NeighborWorks Training Institute.

Designed for: Pracititioners who serve a primarily Spanish-speaking clientele.
































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