Affordable Housing
Classes in gray are subsections of a course
AH001 Basic Feasibility Questions for Affordable Housing Projects - eClassroom Express Webinar Training
AH101 An Overview of Affordable Housing Development
    AH101b An Overview of Affordable Housing Development
AH102 The Basic Steps of the Affordable Housing Development Process
AH103EL An Introduction to Affordable Rental Housing Development
AH111 Using the CDBG Program
AH113 Using the HOME Program
AH115 Using the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program
AH116 Using New Markets Tax Credits
AH117 Using Historic Tax Credits
AH121 Real Estate Finance Nuts and Bolts
AH122 Single-Family Development Finance
AH124 How to Develop Difficult Neighborhood Projects
AH125 Pre-Development: Laying a Secure Foundation for Your Project
AH132 Pre-Development: The 10 Feasibility Questions You Need to Answer
AH134 The Developer's Tool Kit
AH136 Successful Housing Development: Assembling the Best Project Team
AH138 Managing Your Project During Construction
AH139 Location, Location, Location: Siting Affordable Housing in Your Community
AH142 Designing Affordable Housing From Project Concept to Blueprint
AH150 The Silver Tsunami: Housing Seniors in Our Communities
AH170 Preserving Affordable Housing in Hot-Market Neighborhoods
AH180 Supportive Housing: A Strategy That Works for Tenants and Communities
AH181 Supportive Housing: The Three-Legged Stool of Financing
AH182 Supportive Housing: Serving Tenants Effectively and Assuring Quality
AH183 Supportive Housing: Developing Solutions and Supporting Residents
AH190 Training Institute Project Clinic
AH211 How to Maintain Compliance in LIHTC Projects
AH215 Fair Housing - What Housing Professionals Need to Know
AH216 Vivienda Justa (Fair Housing)
AH221 Rental Housing Development Finance
AH222 Expanding Homeownership Opportunities: The Lease-Purchase Approach
AH224 Understanding Underwriting: Successful Loans for Nonprofit Developers
AH225 How To Structure Your Deal: Making It a Reality
AH226 Creative Project Financing Strategies
AH226vc Creative Project Financing Strategies for Affordable Housing
AH227 Using Bonds to Finance Affordable Housing Development
AH228 Effectively Using Market Studies for Affordable Housing Development
AH232 Green Building Fundamentals for Affordable Housing
AH235 Sustainable and Green Design in Affordable Housing
AH236 The LIHTC Application Process
AH238 Affordable Multifamily Homeownership Models for Nonprofit Developers
AH240 Creating Partnerships to Advance Affordable Housing
AH245 Integrating Green Fundamentals into Multifamily Housing
AH247 Intermediate Bond Financing
AH248 Inclusionary Housing: Making it Work in Your Community
AH252 Community Land Trusts: Creating Permanently Affordable Housing
AH253 The Power of Place: Community Land Trusts and Community Change
AH254 The City-CLT Partnership: Municipal Support for Community Land Trusts
AH255 Community Land Trusts: Financing Owner-Occupied Homes
AH256 Shared Equity Housing: Creative Models to Preserve Affordable Homeownership
AH257 Building Community and Engaging Homeowners
AH258 Community Land Trusts: Post Purchase Stewardship of CLT Homes
AH261 New Strategies: Conversion of LIHTC properties to Condo or Co-op Ownership
AH262 Resale Formulas and Financing for Community Land Trust Homes
AH270 Real Estate Development Deal Clinic
AH271 Budget Basics: Decoding the Mysteries of the ProForma
AH272 Single Family Acquisition and Disposition Programs
AH291 REO Solutions: Property Assessment, Acquisition and Financing
    AH291b REO Solutions: Property Assessment, Acquisition and Financing
AH292 REO Solutions: Approaches to Efficiently Rehabbing REO Properties
    AH292b REO Solutions: Approaches to Efficiently Rehabbing REO Properties
AH293 REO Solutions: Strategies for Selling or Leasing REO Rehabbed Properties
    AH293b REO Solutions: Strategies for Selling or Leasing REO Rehabbed Properties
AH294 Successful Models of Foreclosure Programs
AH295el Community Stabilization: An Introduction to REO Acquisition, Rehab, Disposition and Management
AH297 No Vacancies: New Ideas to Market Your For-Sale and Rental Units
AH350 Advanced Bond Financing
AH701 Design and Construction Project Management Clinic
AH702 Site Analysis Clinic
AH912 Symposium: Ensuring Safe, Healthy Homes and Communities for Seniors
AH914 Symposium: Building on Strength: Invigorating Business Models for Affordable Rental Housing in the New Era
AP301 Exit Strategies for LIHTC Projects