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  • "The information shared this week will (assist) hundreds . . . in communities throughout the state. These citizens will experience an improved quality of life which will in turn improve each community in which they live. This type of education is a true humanitarian value."
    — Place-Based Training Participant

Place-Based Training

Train in your local community.

In response to the increased demand for high-quality community development training, NeighborWorks America presents “place-based” training, conducted by request and with support from client/partner organizations in communities across the country. These training events deliver the same high-quality knowledgeand skill-building participants enjoy at our training institutes, while allowing organizations to minimize out-of-pocket costs, maximize training budgets, and learn along-side their community partners. Regional or local place-based trainings are available for affordable housing, homeownership, foreclosure, community stabilization and other in-demand topics.

To see a list of the current events open for registration or to apply for a scholarship to attend place-based training, visit the online registration and scholarship application page.

How to Bring NeighborWorks Training to Your Community

Organizations can request to have a NeighborWorks place-based training event organized in their community with one or more courses selected from the NeighborWorks Training Institute course catalog. Fees are based on the courses and number of training days — significantly lower than comparable training market rates, and the cost of sending multiple individuals to a NeighborWorks Training Institute with accompanying expenses. Services can be scaled up or back according to your specific needs: from simply sending a trainer and training materials for a single existing course, to building a special week-long training event with multiple courses and including meeting planning and food and beverage.

Organizations requesting place-based training must select courses from the NeighborWorks Training Institute course catalog.  Complete a Request for Place-Based Training Form [PDF] and submit by mail or email to:

NeighborWorks America
Training Division
Attn: PBT Coordinator
999 North Capitol Street, NE, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20002

  • NeighborWorks America's Training Division will review and verify that the requested course, materials and instruction are available for a place-based venue.  Requests must be received at least 12 weeks prior to the requested start of the event.
  • If the requesting organization is a NeighborWorks organization, the Training Division will consult with the appropriate NeighborWorks district office to ensure the event is complementary to other planned activities within the district.  If the district office is in agreement and the schedule works, the Training Division will proceed to facilitate the place-based training.

How to Learn at a Place-Based Training Event

NeighborWorks offers place-based training events throughout the year and across the country at the request of major partners like Wells Fargo, state HFAs, HUD and the NFMC (National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling) program. In some cases events are invitation-only, and others, events are open to participants who meet certain admission requirements (e.g., the participant’s organization is HUD-approved, or the organization is a 501(c)(3)). Typically, training events are scholarship-based — anyone who meets the eligibility requirements can apply for a scholarship, which often provides free tuition and lodging.

Applicable courses may be credited towards one of NeighborWorks America’s professional certificates in a Program of Study. Individuals desiring to receive course credit towards a professional certificate in a Program of Study may be asked to take a test on site, online (when available), or take-home exam. Participants taking courses as part of a professional certificate program must indicate this to the trainer, who will convey this information on the roster along with the list of successful participants.

To see a current list of place-based training events and to apply for a scholarship if you qualify, visit us at

  • Requesting organizations are required to sign a
    "memorandum of understanding" indicating adherence to the following key requirements:
    • The Sponsoring Organization will:
      • Be responsible for participant travel (if applicable), hotel/meeting space, logistics, audio/visual, computer equipment, and all other logistical needs of the meeting space and participants;
      • Provide adequate facilities and use the methodology, course content and time period recommended for each course by NeighborWorks America; and 
      • Use the online registration system.
    • NeighborWorks America will:
      • Engage and contract course trainers/instructors (only NeighborWorks America-approved trainers may provide the course, conduct the course evaluations and certify participant course completion);
      • Produce and provide all course materials; and
      • Provide course completion certificate
  • Sponsors may invite up to 35 participants per course and instructor; however, this number could be lower depending on the course and appropriateness for the content and methodology.  More than 35 participants would require the establishment of a second class with another approved instructor. Due to the associated costs, place-based training is not recommended in cases of less than 15 confirmed registered participants.
  • A fee is charged to organizations that request that a NeighborWorks Training Institute course be delivered locally. The fee is significantly lower than comparable training market rates or the cost of sending 25–35 individuals to a NeighborWorks Training Institute with accompanying expenses. Fees are based on the course(s) and number of training days. For current pricing guidelines, please contact the Place-Based Training Coordinator at the address or fax number listed above.


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