NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence™ Program

Applying the power of revolutionary thinking and performance


Achieving Excellence is a performance-driven organizational investment program for seasoned executive directors and senior staff of nonprofit organizations. Through NeighborWorks America's collaboration with Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and with lead program architect Douglas K. Smith, organizational performance and learning expert and author of Make Success Measurable!, you will be privileged to take part in a performance program unlike any other — one that assists you in taking your skills and knowledge to a level you may not have thought possible.

At the beginning of this intensive program, you will select a specific and significant challenge facing your organization — a challenge whose solutions can dramatically change not only how your organization operates, but also provide the impetus for change in the entire industry.

Click here to download a program brochure, or access additional program information through the links at the right. Below are two brief videos that overview the Achieving Excellence experience. »


NeighborWorks® Achieving Excellence is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors:

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