Asset Management Professional Certificate Program

Job Specific Certificate Opportunities

The Consortium for Housing and Asset Management (CHAM) recognizes that nonprofit asset management is difficult work, and requires managers to be particularly skilled and sophisticated. To support industry managers, CHAM developed a designation program, the Certified Housing Asset Manager™ (CHAM). Working in collaboration with the Institute of Real Estate Management Association (IREM), Enterprise Social Investment Corporation, National Equity Fund, and other major national partners, CHAM has developed a curriculum that trains and recognizes professional capacity and benefits both professionals and their organizations. In addition, CHAM sponsors an annual conference which focuses on cutting-edge asset management issues for the nonprofit owner. These resources are available to help nonprofit owners provide high-quality, sustainable affordable rental housing that is a true community asset.


Participants earning their professional designation will have the skills to:

  • Evaluate performance of real estate assets and successfully intervene in problems affecting those assets;
  • Fulfill the owner's mission and goals for the properties;
  • Monitor and measure resident-engagement initiatives which affect the properties;
  • Develop an asset management plan specific to their organization's goals and requirements that will assure the sustainability of its rental housing;
  • Conduct sophisticated analysis of real estate assets and management costs; and
  • Effectively interpret and manage data, human resources, and partnerships to maximize property assets.

Note: It is recommended that courses be taken in the prescribed order, however this is not required. Once the courses have been successfully completed, the final step toward completion of the certificate requirements is a comprehensive final examination.


Participants enroll in the CHAM™ Professional Designation Program by submitting the enrollment form [PDF]. Course registration rules apply for individual courses as appropriate. For example, registration for courses delivered through the NeighborWorks Training Institute will follow the rules and tuition fees appropriate to the training institute. For other venues, appropriate rules and tuition fees will apply.

For questions, please call (800) 438-5547 or e-mail

Certificate Program Enrollment Form

CHAM™ Professional Designation Requirements

CHAM™ Professional Designation will be awarded to the individuals who successfully complete the required coursework and evaluation process.

Asset Management Specialist (AMS®)

This intermediate CHAM designation is obtained by successfully completing three courses:

The holder of the AMS designation has learned the basic principles of asset management and has mastered the tools for “managing property management” to fulfill the owner’s goals.

Certified Housing Asset Manager (CHAM®)

The Advanced CHAM designation is a prestigious designation that requires (a) the AMS designation (or passing the exams associated with the AMS designation courses) and (b) the successful completion of four additional courses:

With prior approval by training division staff, candidates may receive credit for relevant courses taken no more than two years prior to enrollment in the Professional Certificate Program.

Online Testing

Candidates must take the online tests for the applicable required courses. Learn more about online testing for Professional Certificate Program courses.

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