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NeighborWorks Products and Services

NeighborWorks America offers a broad array of products and services, which are reflected in the National Programs section of this site. Here, you will find information on the fee-based services we offer to help community development organizations effectively and efficiently manage their operations. Information on homeownership manuals and guides available to trainers in the NeighborWorks store is included here as well.

Achieving Excellence
Achieving Excellence ProgramThe NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence in Community Development program is a unique and innovative approach designed by NeighborWorks America with renowned organizational performance and learning expert Douglas K. Smith working in collaboration with Harvard University.  Achieving Excellence trains approximately 50 experienced leaders of sophisticated community development corporations each year, to increase their organization's performance in specific and challenging ways. Learn more and apply today»

CounselorMaxNeighborWorks CounselorMax web application is the premier client management system used by the most advanced housing counseling agencies in the United States. HUD Compliance, other grant and subsidy tracking, education and counseling capabilities have made our system the number one choice of counseling agencies. Learn about its benefits at»


NeighborWorks Organizational Assessment Services
NeighborWOrks Organizational Assessment Services NeighborWorks America's organizational assessments enable organizations and their investors to determine where to target financial resources and technical assistance to help fulfill their missions effectively and efficiently. NeighborWorks uses a uniform capacity assessment system based on evaluating performance expectations and associated risks in six key areas. Learn more»


NeighborWorks Place-Based Training
NeighborWorks Place-based TrainingIn response to the demand for high-quality community development training, NeighborWorks America presents "place-based" training courses conducted by request and with support from partner organizations. Place-based trainings are available for affordable housing, homeownership, foreclosure, community stabilization and other topics. Learn how to request this service»


NeighborWorks Training Institute
NeighborWorks training InstituteNeighborWorks Training Institute offers training, certification, networking opportunities and other resources to thousands of people who are seeking to revitalize their communities. Community development practitioners, nonprofit organizations, policy makers, public officials, lenders, developers, community organizers and residents rely on the NTI for progressive ideas, models for success and education that keeps them in the forefront of the community development field. Find out more»


Success Measures at NeighborWorks America
Success Measures at NeighborWorks AmericaSuccess Measures is a social enterprise at NeighborWorks America that provides a range of outcome-focused evaluation services and tools for community development organizations and their funding and intermediary partners. Read more»

NeighborWorks Consumer Homebuying Guides and Training Curriculum Materials

NeighborWorks Homebuying Guides and Training Curriculum MaterialsThe following are available in the NeighborWorks Store:

Realizing the American Dream: This manual is the definitive resource for homebuyer training and education. Developed by industry experts, it covers the entire homeownership process from evaluating credit worthiness and affordability to closing on the best deal.

Keeping the American Dream: This manual focuses on critical information consumers need to maintain their status as a homeowner. Important budgeting considerations as well as home maintenance and improvements are the focal points of this reference guide.


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