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NeighborWorks America speakers are some of the nation’s leading resources for insights into affordable housing and community revitalization and development. Our speakers have diverse backgrounds that allow each to provide a unique perspective perspectives on everything from national policies to practical advice for local and state efforts. Several have held leadership positions in state and local government. Many also have worked for the nation’s leading companies and nonprofit organizations, including United Way, Peace Corps, Fannie Mae, YWCA, hospitals and homeless shelters.

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Chuck Wehrwein

Chuck Wehrwein
Acting president and chief executive officer
With decades of experience in the community development and affordable housing field, Wehrwein can provide insights into what works and what innovations are on the horizon.

Paul Kealey

Paul Kealey
Senior vice president, NeighborWorks Services Group
Paul Kealey provides expert insight and practical, firsthand knowledge on issues relating to management and leadership, adult education, and community development.

Donald PhoenixDonald R. Phoenix

Vice president, Southern Region
With more than 25 years of experience in community development, Phoenix is an expert in community revitalization strategies.

Deorah Boatright
Deborah Boatright
Vice president, Northeast Region
Boatright's specialty is in developing partnerships and collaborations that bring the public and private sector together to address community needs and improve housing options for low and moderate income families.

John Santner
John Santner

Vice president, Midwest Region
Santner is an expert in single and multifamily housing development, property management, and asset management.
Gary Wolfe
Gary Wolfe

Vice president, Rocky Mountain Region
In addition to his extensive work in nonprofit management and leadership, organizational development, and governance, Wolfe has expertise in public relations, resource development and program evaluation.
Timothy Adams

Tim Adams

Director, Analysis and Impact Unit
An authority on resource development, Adams also has expertise in information and financial management systems and technologies.

*Speeches delivered in English or Spanish.

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