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The NeighborWorks Green Organization designation recognizes NeighborWorks network members who incorporate healthy and sustainable principles into every facet of their operations and throughout their lines of business. NeighborWorks announced the first group of designees in December 2012 and will be granting new designations annually. NeighborWorks' goal is, by 2016, to have two-thirds of its over 235 network members achieve the NeighborWorks Green Organization Designation, transforming the work of the network in support of creating and sustaining a Network of Excellence.    
  Learn more about the 26 new NeighborWorks Green Organizations announced in October 2013   See Profiles of the first 16 NeighborWorks Green Organizations announced in December 2012

NeighborWorks Green Organization Designees

2013 NeighborWorks Green Organizations


2012 NeighborWorks Green Organizations


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