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NeighborWorks Community Building Program

Community building activities are central to effective community development and foundational to the NeighborWorks network. Our community building program supports NeighborWorks organizations and other community-based development organizations to build healthy communities by developing resident leadership, strengthening resident-led associations, and sponsoring community building activities. These resident-driven approaches enhance relationships among neighbors and spur efforts leading to positive community change.

Principles of Community Building in the NeighborWorks Network
At NeighborWorks, we believe that people have the ability to name their problems and identify resoures needed to solve them. We bring out the gifts of people in a community to increase their collective power and transform themselves and their community.

Click here to read about Residents in Action making improvements in their neighborhoods and communities around the country.

At NeighborWorks America we primarily support the community building work done in the field through our membership program. Only chartered NeighborWorks organizations are eligible for membership. See our Program Services page for more information.


For more information on community building programs, please contact Bernadette Orr at or (617) 585-2250.
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