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National Homeownership Programs

National Homeownership Programs offer a continuum of strategies to ensure successful sustainable homeownership for people of modest means in every state.

As the foreclosure crisis has demonstrated, successful sustainable homeownership begins with educated consumers who have the tools, capacity and options to make good choices about their homeownership decision, financing products and maintaining their homes.

The NeighborWorks continuum of strategies includes (among others):

  • Pre-purchase education
  • Loan Origination and Brokering
  • Affordability Assistance
  • Post-Purchase Education
  • Retention of Homeownership through Property Rehabilitation and Responsible Refinancing
  • Foreclosure Intervention and Solutions

It takes all of these strategies, described in further detail in the following sections, to create and sustain quality homeownership and to expand sustainable homeownership.

For more information on National Homeownership Programs, please contact Angela Laughman at alaughman [at] or 202-524-9945
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