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History of NeighborWorks Week

NeighborWorks Week was conceived in 1984 as a way to draw attention to the often-unacknowledged work of what was then a network of 182 local NeighborWorks organizations working in 360 neighborhoods.

As the network has grown to its current level of 235 community development organizations working in more than 4,400 neighborhoods, so too has NeighborWorks Week.

Now, nearly the entire NeighborWorks network embraces the week as a way to demonstrate its solid work in local communities and the cumulative effect of this work on a national level.

About the NeighborWorks Network
Organizations involved in National NeighborWorks Week are part of a national network of nonprofits that work year -round to revitalize communities. NeighborWorks organizations operate in 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

NeighborWorks organizations make home ownership possible for individuals and families. They provide quality affordable rental housing. They transform abandoned and distressed properties into homes of choice. They bring business to areas once thought unprofitable.

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