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National Real Estate Programs - Symposia

2011 Symposium: Building on Strength - Invigorating Business Models for Affordable Rental Housing
NeighborWorks Training Institute, December 14, 2011

2010 Symposium: A New Era in Affordable Housing: Investing for Impact in Sustainable Communities
NeighborWorks Training Institute, August 2010, Philadelphia, PA

2008 Symposium: The Future of Rental Housing: Policy to Preserve Choices for American Families
NeighborWorks Training Institute, December 2008, Washington, DC

2007 Symposium: Taking Shared Equity to Scale: An Innovative Method to Grow and Preserve Affordable Housing
NeighborWorks Training Institute, December 2007, Portland, Oregon

2005 Symposium: The Balancing Act: Blending Housing and Commercial Development to Build Thriving Communities
NeighborWorks Training Institute, June 22, 2005, Boston, Massachusetts

2005 Symposium: Resident Services: Linking Affordable Housing and Opportunities for Families
Washington, D.C., March 2005

2004 Symposium: Advancing Affordable Housing Through Communications Campaigns
NeighborWorks Training Institute, May 5, 2004, Minneapolis, MN

2003 Symposium: The Vitality of America's Working Neighborhoods — Meeting the Local Challenges to Multifamily Housing
NeighborWorks Training Institute, April 24, 2003, Chicago

2002 Symposium: Mixed Income Housing's Greatest Challenge — Strengthening America's Neighborhoods While Reaching Our Lowest Income Families
NeighborWorks Training Institute April 4, 2002, Chicago

Mixed-Income Housing's Greatest Challenge: Strengthening America's Neighborhoods While Reaching Our Lowest Income Families [PDF, 473 KB]

2001 Symposium: Strengthening Neighborhoods by Creating Long-Term Multifamily Assets
NeighborWorks Training Institute, April 18, 2001, Chicago



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