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Resident Services

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NeighborWorks Organizations deliver amenities and services that residents of affordable apartment properties use to increase their own personal assets and to improve their neighborhoods.

NeighborWorks supports the field of resident services with:

  • A clearly defined menu of outcome measures
  • Training for resident service coordinators through the NeighborWorks Training Institute
  • An annual national convening of resident service professionals. 

The long-term goals of the NeighborWorks resident services programs are to:

Learning Center

  • Drive toward excellence in outcomes by demonstrating the effectiveness of housing-based services in building personal assets of residents.
  • Create efficiency in production by working with existing housing-based learning centers to identify cost effective ways to implement programs and services in an affordable housing environment.
  • Integrate resident services and property management practices to support strong property performance.
  • Build sustainable funding sources by creating a better understanding of the connection between resident services, and property operations and to more effectively link housing-based services to housing development, education, workforce, healthcare and other funding sources.


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