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Our Financial Capability Programs

Financial Capability education has become a critical tool in successful community development, given today’s business climate of deregulated government institutions and increasingly complex financial services.

NeighborWorks America's approach to financial capability is multifaceted. We offer support directly to individuals and we've also invested in research about the best ways to teach financial education. In addition, we've collaborated with partners like CFED to host webinars that facilitate dialogue among practitioners.

Financial Capability Programs

NeighborWorks America, working with national partners, has developed a financial capability program to help individuals and families develop sound personal financial management skills. We offer support for a network of more than 80 NeighborWorks organizations which offer a variety of financial capability services which include financial education, financial coaching, volunteer income tax assistance programs and individual development accounts.

The Financial Capability Demonstration Project with the Citi Foundation

We've partnered with Citi Foundation on the Financial Capability Demonstration Project which aims to significantly expand the scope and depth of nonprofits providing effective financial coaching. Learn more>>

Financial capability briefs and webinars

With support from the Citi Foundation, NeighborWorks America has launched a new series of project briefs and webinars from the Financial Capability Demonstration Project. Learn more >>

2014 Consumer Finance Survey

We commissioned Widmeyer to do a survey to understand consumer finance habits and attitudes of adults in the United States. The results show early one-third of adults have no emergency savings and few know about nonprofit services availabe to them. Minority groups and those with lower incomes are even less likely to have emergency savings. Learn more at >>


For more information on NeighborWorks Financial Capability work, please contact Jayna Bower
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