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NeighborWorks Awards is an annual awards program that recognizes the contributions of resident, business, and government volunteers, as well as the support of our private-sector partners. To learn more about winners and awards, see below:

Dorothy Richardson Resident Leadership Awards— This award acknowledges outstanding achievers in the field of affordable housing and community-based development.It recognizes resident leaders whose energy, commitment and concern for their communities are vital to the success of the NeighborWorks system locally and nationally. One resident volunteer is chosen every year from each of the eight NeighborWorks America districts. Read more»

NeighborWorks Government Service Awards—This award honors significant contributions of individuals whose work at the state and local levels improves the lives of those in communities of need. Honorees have achieved substantive accomplishments that include initiating and implementing public policies and programs that strengthen communities or expand the supply of affordable housing. Their demonstrated commitment and dedication make them stand out as leaders in touch with the people they serve. Read more»

NeighborWorks Partner Awards — Throughout each year, private-sector partners support the NeighborWorks system by making generous contributions to NeighborWorks America to support national programs, to individual NeighborWorks organizations, and through social investments in Community Housing Capital and NeighborWorks Capital.  Read more»

NeighborWorks National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) Program Counselor Awards — These awards are to recognize the contributions of counselors whose tireless efforts help homeowners maintain homeownership and transition to suitable housing. Award categories include: Excellence in Counseling, Excellence in Outreach and Professional Development, Excellence in Counselor Perseverance, Excellence in Personal Achievement, and Counselor of the Year. Read more»

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