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A well-informed home purchase can bring increased security for you and your family, but with it comes financial challenges and new responsibilities. NeighborWorks offers the following information to help you manage your finances, understand the homebuying process and maintain your home once you've purchased it. Here you will also learn the benefits of getting to know your neighbors and strengthening your community through direct involvement.

Homeowners and Homebuyers
This information for homeowners and homebuyers is designed to help you make informed decisions that will put you on the road to sustainable homeownership. Read more»

Foreclosure Help
If you're a homeowner facing foreclosure immediate help is available. We have information and links to agencies that can help guide you out of this stressful time. Read more»

Financial Capability
In today's environment it's hard to make ends meet. These resources will help you develop the strong money management skills and knowledge needed to build your financial future on solid ground. Read more»

Get Involved
When you live in a community, you can make them friends. You can also make a difference. How? Read more»

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