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Financial Capability


Whether you are planning to purchase a home, save for educational expenses, or start a small business — good money management is an important first step. Check out these links for information that will put you on the path to a sustainable financial future:

  • Budget and money management tips: These tips will help you manage your money so you can reach your goals.
  • How to understand and use credit wisely: Your credit rating reflects your ability to borrow money and pay it back. Visit to learn more.
  • Test your financial fitness: This simple form will help you find out about your financial educational needs.
  • Getting back to financial basics: With the recession, job loss, and the foreclosure crisis continuing to make headlines you need to make sure your finances are in order. These tips will help you strengthen your finances during troubling times.
  • Download a monthly savings plan: This template spending plan is broken down into the following types of expenses: fixed, periodic; fixed, flexible and indebtedness. Depending on your situation, some expenses (for example, a cell phone) may be considered flexible rather than fixed. Be sure to adjust the categories to best reflect your needs and lifestyle.
  • Locate a NeighborWorks organization near you: Our network members often provide education and other services to help you improve your financial security.

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