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Financial Capability Demonstration Project

Our full project report on the effectiveness of financial coaching is now available.

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Read our upcoming webinars and financial briefs, based on this report, to learn more.

Citi Foundation and NeighborWorks America established an innovative partnership in 2010 aimed at expanding the scale and scope of nonprofit capacity providing financial capability programs that support low and moderate income Americans in their efforts to gain greater economic stability and assets. This $5,000,000, 2.5 year demonstration project taps NeighborWorks America’s training, technical assistance and evaluation expertise to improve the financial capability of consumers and deepen understanding of effective financial education strategies in the process.

Through the Foundation’s grant, NeighborWorks America has deepened understanding of how to establish and sustain effective financial capability and coaching programs that focus on more than financial knowledge and skill by motivating positive changes in financial behavior over time through ongoing support, and technical assistance. The project’s coordinated set of activities include:

  • Eight weeklong place-based training events and eight quarterly NeighborWorks Training Institutes (NTIs), assisting 1,500 nonprofit practitioners to strengthen and expand their financial capability programs nationwide.
  • An integrated package of funding, training, peer exchange and technical assistance on both capacity-building and evaluation for a cohort of 30 organizations interested in initiating or strengthening financial coaching programs.

This timely and exciting collaboration between Citi Foundation and NeighborWorks -- the largest initiative of its kind supporting financial coaching in the U.S. to date -- is designed to:

  • Showcase what methods and programs work by evaluating changes in consumers’ financial behaviors, attitudes and practices;
  • Provide nonprofits with the tools and resources they need to incorporate ongoing impact measurement into their programs, and to evaluate the effectiveness of their financial capability initiatives over the long-term;
  • Ensure that financial capability programs more effectively turn consumers’ knowledge into sustainable action over the course of their financial lives.
  • Significantly expand the capacity of nonprofits to provide low- and moderate-income Americans with the vital financial education and financial coaching needed to build and preserve assets over the course of their lives.

For additional information, contact:

Brooke A. Linkow
Financial Capability Project Manager

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