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Financial Oversight, Audits and Reporting

Internal Audit Reports

Reports issued by the Office of Internal Audit are available (using Adobe’s Portable Document Format – PDF) and are grouped by calendar year. Click on one of the links below for reports issued in that year.

Note: Consistent with information typically subject to redaction under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) certain confidential, proprietary commercial or financial information, internal personnel rules and practices and personnel information that would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy has been redacted from some of the following Internal Audit Reports.

Internal Audit Report
2013 Audit Review of the OAD Offsite PRO Analysis Process January 28, 2013

Review of NFMC Subgrantee Monitoring

January 19, 2012
  Review of NFMC Outsourced Data Collection System, Data Privacy

April 11, 2012

Review of EHLP: Denied Client Applications and Appeals Process

April 13, 2012
  NeighborWorks Network Charter Affiliations Process

May 4, 2012
  Review of NFMC Action on Significant Compliance Issues

May 4, 2012
  Review of Corporate Travel Card Process

May 4, 2012
  Review of NFMC Compliance with OMB Circular A-110

July 24, 2012
  Review of Community Housing Capital

September 19, 2012
  Review of the EHLP Hope Loan Port and Data Collection System Interfaces

September 21, 2012
  Review of EHLP Grant Awards Process

August 20, 2012
  Review of Accounts Payable / ACH Transactions

August 30, 2012
  Review of Hotel Contract Concession Letters August 31, 2012

2011 Review of CounselorMax Oversight

March 7, 2011

Review of $35 Million Capital Grant Rehabilitation Grant

April 12, 2011

Internal Audit Review of NFMC Management of Vendor Outsourced Services

April 11, 2011
  Review of Human Resources Recruitment and Grievances

July 29, 2011
  Audit Review: NFMC Grant Disbursements and Related Accounting August 26, 2011

Review of NFMC Grant Recaptures and De-Obligations

September 29, 2011

Review of Accounts Payable/ACH Transactions

October 13, 2011

Review of IT Restoration Services Restoration/Recovery Exercise

November 16, 2011
  Review of General Ledger/Accounts Payable Software December 16, 2011
2010 Review of Payroll (Compensation) Function May 13, 2010
  Review of Investment and Grant Agreement Process May 18, 2010
  Review of Accounts Payable / ACH Wire Transfer Process June 23, 2010
  Review of Capital Underwriting Pilot Program August 19, 2010
  Review of Corporate Governance / Conflict of Interest Policies October 14, 2010
  Review of Loan Modification Scam Alert Campaign November 8, 2010
  Review of Online Reporting System Database Application Controls November 8, 2010
  Special Audit Report – Acorn Housing Corporation December 17, 2010

Review of Backup and Data Retention Management Process

March 25, 2009
  Review of Accounts Payable / ACH Wire Transfer Process May 14, 2009
  Review of NFMC Grant Recapture Provisions June 18, 2009
  Review of NFMC Data Collection System September 2, 2009
  Review of NFMC Compliance with Legislation / Program Requirements September 16, 2009
  Review of Management’s Oversight of NeighborWorks Capital October 7, 2009

Review of Acorn Housing Corporation / NFMC

August 25, 2008
  Audit Review: NFMC Program Design, Scoring and Funding Recommendations
August 19, 2008
  Review of the Corporation’s Delegation of Authority September 12, 2008
  Review of Corporate Purchase Card Process September 12, 2008
  Audit Review: NFMC Complaint Management Process September 12, 2008
  Review of Center for Foreclosure Solutions / Ad Council Campaign November 26, 2008
  Review of NFMC Grant Disbursements and Related Accounting November 26, 2008
  Review of Network Disaffiliations Process December 23, 2008


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