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NeighborWorks and Make It Right

NeighborWorks and Make It Right

Actor Brad Pitt's Make it Right in New Orleans is one of more than 30 strategic partnerships that NeighborWorks America has cultivated in the Gulf Coast region. NeighborWorks provides prospective Make It Right homeowners living in the battered lower ninth ward with financial education and homeownership counseling that will ensure each homeowner achieves sustainable homeownership. View Video» 

Rebuilding Gulf Coast Communities

Rebuilding Gulf Coast Communities

Leveraging Partnership to Rebuild from 'Neighborhoods Up'

NeighborWorks America’s response to the destruction caused in the Gulf Coast region by the hurricanes of 2005 and 2008 has been grounded on the principle of rebuilding “from the neighborhoods up.”

Modeled upon our 30-year history of supporting community-based partnerships, our rebuilding initiative supports the foundations of neighborhood rebuilding – the families, organizations, and homes that make up these neighborhoods.

NeighborWorks America is supporting organizations with grants and investments that aid families with financial counseling, as well as support building or rehabilitation of affordable homes in the region.

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For more information on NeighborWorksGulf Coast Initiative, contact James Ross at or 504-524-8185.

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