NeighborWorks America’s strategic plan for 2012-2016 makes clear the strength of our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our own practices and those of the NeighborWorks network. The plan establishes this commitment as one of three Operating Principles that underlie everything we do: “NeighborWorks America commits to employ and promote green and sustainable practices for the long-term benefit of residents and communities.”

In addition to this commitment, the plan also establishes two specific outcomes to be achieved:

  • Moving the NeighborWorks network to adopt comprehensive green strategies by designating at least two-thirds of the network as a NeighborWorks Green Organization. This will require a substantial effort to continue to expand the education, training, and other resources that we make available to our network on green strategies in each of the areas covered by the Green Organization Guidelines.
  • Further reducing the environmental impact of NeighborWorks America’s operations and training practices. NeighborWorks made a commitment to reducing our environmental impact in 2008 and has made significant progress to date. To ensure that we are meeting rigorous standards moving forward, NeighborWorks will pursue a green business certification program that is appropriate for a multi-site national organization. We will continue to expand our staff outreach and awareness, develop new policies and revise existing ones, and continue to work to ensure that green practices and impacts are central to the day to day work that we do at NeighborWorks America.

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